Krebby'z Forest Kottages

Krebby'z Forest Kottage'z

A day of Fairies & Trolls and more

This one day event is a collection of Fantasy Homes built by community groups, and families as well as individuals.  Homes are placed along a well groomed Trail in the Forest of Sellars Park. This trail is an easy petite hike that follows the Little Trout River.  Homes are entered into competition in  the appropriate age divisions . The community plays the judge, by placing marbles into the containers labeled 1st, 2cnd, 3rd. These homes and   Prizes will be are awarded at scheduled time.

Along this unique trail, you may find a Troll or two at the entry bridge. Be sure to have your shiny coin ready to cross! Homes are throughout the woods, and other unique treasures. ( Pinecones, feathers, shiny rocks, and if you are lucky a gnome may sit about, up high).  Be sure to use a shiny coin at our Dust Shop! Meet the Proprietor of the shop, who invites you to purchase Dust.. Can't spare further details, you'll have to stop by to see.

Where are the shiny coins you ask? Well.. in the ruins and rumble of the Adirondack MTNS that our Mountain Trolls have brought to us. This splendid panning in rumble will produce the 2 coins for youth that is required in the Forest.

Tea with the Fairy Queen! Sign up early as there are only 20 spots at the table for the Tea. Ages 3 and up will enjoy lively conversation, Tea and shortbread cookies with the Queen, and her court.  $1.00 admission supports this delightful gathering...

While the Tea is had with the Fairy and Royal Court: The Trolls are up to no good mischief. Be sure to stop by for a Caber Toss! Ages 3 and up will Toss age appropriate Cabers! this is an event that leads into an Adults Caber Toss. A must to find on your schedule for the time and stage.

                                                                                      ------------------------- Special Guests-------------------------

Michelle Duell Wagner:  presents Free Gallery Readings. Do you have a loved whom has passed? You could hear a message. Private readings are available

Steve Kulls: Squatchdetective making appearances on National Geographic Channel. Author and Owner of Radio Show Squatchdetective. Steve presents his findings in a presentation. Book available.

Tom Comwell: Ufologist Author 2 times presents info in a workshop . Books available that day

Jack Kenna: Paranormal Investigator with " Spirits of New England"  Jack presents his findings. Author of Comic Book  " S.P.I.R.I.T " The Forgotten Souls of Bay Path.

Stacey Horton: Founder & Director of " Extreme Paranormal Investigations" appearing on National Geographics, Monster & Mysteries on Destination America will present.

Food : Propers Food Stand , Biscotti Kitchen

Craft venders

More TBA.....

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