Quebec Brook

2+ to 4 Hours

This trail is not heavily used but it does get some attention from hunters (during the season) and from fishermen. Even though it's mainly used for fishing and paddling, it makes for a nice hike in the woods with outstanding potential for birding. The trail is easy to follow and graded nicely, making for a relaxing hike in the forest.

How do I get there?

Follow Route 30 out of Malone and drive south to Route 458, which will be on the right. Follow Route 458 west toward Santa Clara. Continue for around 10 miles, turn onto Dexter Road, and follow it to its end at Blue Mountain Road. Take a right on Blue Mountain Road and follow it south. Blue Mountain Road can be very rough so take your time. Continue down Blue Mountain Road for just over 9 miles to the public access site on the left. Watch for the DEC sign.

Mileage Round Trip

Up to 2 miles

It can take 4 hours to do this hike.

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