St. Regis River from Blue Mountain Road

1 to 2 Hours

This trail is not marked but is very easy to follow as it is the remnants of an old forest road. If you are a birding fan this trail might be for you. Pass by the gate and you will descend ever so slightly to a kettle bog on your left; a herd path will get you closer. The trail remains mostly flat to a clearing at the edge of the river, a most scenic destination.

How do I get there?

Follow Route 30 out of Malone and drive south to Route 458, which will be on the right. Follow Route 458 west toward Santa Clara. Continue for about 10 miles and turn on Dexter Road. Follow Dexter Road to its end and turn right on Blue Mountain Road to follow it south. Blue Mountain Road can be very rough, so take your time. Continue down Blue Mountain Road for about 10.5 miles to a gated road on the right. There is an empty DEC signpost located here.

Mileage Round Trip

1.6 miles

Most people should allow a couple of hours to do this hike.

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