Wolf Pond

1 to 2 Hours

This short trail is located at the back of the small sandpit area. The trail is slightly downhill with decent footing. It leads to the shore of the pond with nice views out over the water. This small pond packs a visual punch, especially in autumn.

How Do I Get There?

Follow Route 30 south out of Malone, toward Santa Clara, and turn right on Route 458. Follow Route 458 for 1.3 miles and locate the public access site on the left — you'll see an empty DEC signpost.

This is a dirt road that's quite rough in spots. Follow it and the signs for Madawaska Pond — each major intersection is well marked. Continue for 3.25 miles to an unmarked intersection with a secondary dirt road on the right. Drive down this road for 0.1 mile to a small sand pit and park. The road ends at this spot.

Mileage Round Trip

0.2 mile

This short, easy hike can be completed in about 10 minutes.

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