Man Homestead Loop

Man Homestead Loop

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This 19.5 mile loop has much river scenery and passes the Man Homestead, a pre-1810 home of two famous brothers, doctors of great cultural influence in the area.

Heading north on Route 37, reach State Route 122 6.5 miles later and make a right turn. Reach the town of Constable 5.4 miles later, passing the Man Homestead on the left.

From Constable, ride down Route 30 for 3.3 miles to reach Lover’s Lane, to avoid the heavy traffic in downtown Malone.

Make a right onto this quiet neighborhood road. Take a left .8 miles later, onto Shears Road, heading south, and then follow the curve right onto Cady Road .7 miles later. Take Cady Road west for 1.9 miles, back to Route 37, and continue south 0.9 mile back.

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