Goodnow Mountain | Malone Area


Winter Overview and Trail Conditions:

The hardest part is locating the gate to start your travels from, but once you have located it you can precede directly into the woods. The forest road does not aid travel any, but only skirts the base of the small mountain. Once you are in the woods you will be snowshoeing through a logged area. There is a bit of slash scattered around and buried beneath the snow cover, which can be a bit of a hassle in unconsolidated powder, but not too bad. Be sure to ignore any skid roads as they really don’t get you going in the right direction and continue gaining elevation up the shoulder of the mountain. The summit is a bit wooded but smaller views are to be had at several different locations, be sure to scout about for the best opening.   


1,935 feet


340 feet

Distance Round Trip:

1 mile

Trailhead Location: 

Follow Route 30 south out of Malone. Continue to the intersection of Route 30 and Route 458 and follow Route 458 west for around 8.5 miles to a gated road on the right. 

Additional Important Information:

This small mountain has no definitive trail to the summit but due to its open forest anatomy it is an easy hike to the summit. With no trail it is important that you have ample GPS and/or map and compass experience. 

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