Terrain Treks

Where the country begins, waterfalls, fire towers, scenic lakes, and mountain views await. This is also a great starting place to access the hiking trails of the Adirondack Park. Just a short drive from the village of Malone with its vibrant downtown buildings and the surrounding farmland, you'll encounter a variety of trails and varied mountain terrain. Some of our favorite hikes include: High Falls Park, where you can enjoy a scenic waterfall; nearby Lyon Mountain which has one of the last remaining fire towers and is the highest point in the county, providing an impressive 360 degree panoramic view from the top of the tower; and the educational walks available at the Paul Smiths College VIC (Visitor Interpretive Center).

Hikes outside of the High Peaks

Hikes outside of the High Peaks, en Francais

Before heading out, be sure to review Leave No Trace ethics to ensure you're protecting the Adirondacks for future generations! The DEC is a great resource for more outdoor recreation related information.

Gearing up

Whether you are looking for a family-friendly outing, a romantic picnic with a significant other, a trail-running workout with your four-legged friend, or to hike a high peak, Malone is a great starting point for a memorable trek. Pick a place to stay for your trip and browse Malone's dining options. If you do have a picnic in mind consider a stop at one of the many local farmstands or plan a trip to the farmers' market. 

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