Foliage Report


Malone's scenic fall foliage views are the best way to capture autumn in Northern NY.

Let us be your sightseeing base camp as you tour through our beautiful region  -- an area that becomes even more vibrant during this breathtaking time of year. 

Pack your suitcase and bring your crew to visit us and stay in one of our great lodging properties. Start your day off right -- stay in a warm and comfortable bed, enjoy breakfast and a freshly brewed cup of coffee, then head out on your hunt for colorful views. Choose to  hike up a mountain, paddle on the lake, or drive our winding backroads to find just the right photograph, then take time to kick back and relax in the pool or spa to rejuvenate for new adventures the next day.

Head to higher ground

Coming earlier in the season? Not a problem. Plan a day trip to head to the higher elevations of our beautiful area - colors change faster in the mountains and the northern foothills of the Adirondacks make for great sights no matter the season. Nestled between them are some beautifully placed lakes and ponds that add a special touch to the colors that blanket the rolling hills.

Park it at the park

Coming later in the season? Even better! Malone is great for late-fall colors. Enjoy a stroll through one of our many parks that are located near some of the best dining around. Gaze at the colors, shop our local stores, and don't forget to try our tasty regional cuisine!

2017 Foliage Report

Final Report: October 24
 Adirondacks foothills
Reporting Station:  Malone
Percent of trees changed: 84%
Brilliance: Gold blankets cover the rolling hills as the Malone area prepares for winter.
Predominating colors: Warm browns, yellows, and golds.
Rating: Past peak.

October 18
Percent of trees changed: 77%
Brilliance: Time is ticking on catching the best and most beautiful colors before winter hits.
Predominating colors: Warm browns, deep reds, and maroons.
Rating: Past peak.

October 11
Percent of trees changed: 65%
Brilliance: Deep reds and maroons are showing up amid the yellows and greens this week.
Predominating colors: SWarm browns, deep reds, and maroons becoming the more dominant of colors.
Rating: Peak.

October 4
Percent of trees changed:
Brilliance: Khaki and warm browns are becoming the flavor of the week this week as our trees begin to prepare for crisp winter air.
Predominating colors: Still green with warm browns and maroons becoming the more dominant of colors.
Rating: Peak.

September 24
Percent of trees changed:
Brilliance: Pods of color have grown larger and blanket the rolling hills.
Predominating colors: Still green with orange, burgundy, and ruby to accent the sunsets.
Rating: Continuing toward peak.

September 19
Percent of trees changed:
Brilliance: Fresh colors are peeking out above the treetops to compliment the beauty that has shown up already.
Predominating colors: Still green with orange, burgundy, and ruby thrown in.
Rating: Beginning to head toward peak.

September 12

Percent of trees changed: 12%
Brilliance: Vivid colors are becoming more prominent with each passing moment. Beautiful photos are available around every corner.
Predominating colors: Still green with a dash of orange and ruby thrown in.
Rating: Beginning

September 7
Percent of trees changed: 8%
Brilliance: We have already seen glimpses of what will surely be a beautiful Autumnal season popping up in different places. Hints of vibrant colors surprise us around many parts of the region.
Predominating colors: Still green with a dash of orange thrown in.
Rating: Just beginning

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