5+ of our Favorite Malone Golf Club Holes

5+ of our Favorite Holes at the Malone Golf Club

If you didn't already know, we have some of the best golf in New York state and the East Coast - right here in Malone, NY.

All 36 holes at the Malone Golf Club are superb for your golfing pleasure. We have taken the time to highlight some of our favorite holes to share with you. Make sure to share with us which holes you like best. Some of these have made the list because of the challenge that they bring or the views that they share, and some are on here because they have a smaller degree of difficulty which we can all admit as golfers, we LOVE from time to time.

Hole #1 East

So why not start right at the beginning? This hole can be seen right as you pull into the Malone Golf Club. You will actually drive right through it when approaching the parking lot and clubhouse. The elevated tee overlooks the hole and is close in proximity to the dining room upstairs. Often, you get to tee-off in front of those that are enjoying views from the deck. No Pressure... This is a nice par 4 that is fairly wide open. Just be sure to avoid the sand traps on each side of the fairway.

Hole #5 East

So this is one of those holes that can be challenging until you have played it a few times. Actually, even after you have played it, it can cause some struggles. There is a bench near the Tee Box that has a quote talking about this hole being called the nickel or dime hole. You either par it at 5 or get a score of 10; It will either go well or very badly. Are you up for the challenge? What makes it tough are the many hills throughout the fairway. There is not much of a large landing spot for you to lay up in the fairway without the ball possibly rolling away down one of the hills. Come check it out and see if you can come up witht the perfect strategy to attack this pesky hole.

Hole #14 East

This is a par three that boasts some amazing views of the northern foothills of the Adirondacks. You can stand at the tee box and see the rolling hills in the distance and a few of the other surrounding holes near this one. As the season gets closer to autumn, the breathtaking views intensify with colors of the foliage. Right after the front edge of the tee-box, there is an immediate drop in the topography to a pitch that cannot even be walked on. There is a trail that runs along the side of the hole to get you to the elevated green. Make sure to find the green from your drive as it drops off right after the fringe. So just a tip: do not get too distracted by the views that you forget to take in consideration that the wind or just a glitch in your swing could set you up for a difficult chip back to the top of the hill that holds the green.

Hole #6 West

This is that hole that we all enjoy that seems to come just at the right time. After a couple of more difficult holes, this one will be a treat as it tends to be easier to play. The fairway is wide open and straight. There is a slight downhill pitch to give you that little extra roll off your drive as well. It is a shorter par 4 at only 345 yards at the white tees. Just avoid the slight hill on the left hand side of the hole and drive the green! Well, try to and where you land should still be a decent look for your second stroke.

Hole #15 West

This hole will definitely have you trying to make some decisions. There is a water hazard that sits right in front of the green which we should add is surrounded by sand traps. Depending on where you decide to lay the ball off the tee, there will be more decisions to come, as always. If you drive it shorter, the water is not as wide but you are still a longer distance from the green. If you drive it longer, you are closer to the pin but the water is much wider in this location. The good news is that unlike some parts of the country, we do not have any alligators or crocodiles in our water! At this hole, you are likely to find a large amount of golf balls in the water. If you do find ours, could you please return them to us? They are definitely in there.

*** Course map photos courtesy of the Malone Golf Club website


Make sure to check out our favorite 19th hole, The Grill Room restaurant, bar, and lounge located upstairs in the clubhouse. Sit by the fire with your glass of wine, enjoy a beer at the bar, a meal at a table with your family, and a margarita on the deck with your crew as you watch other rounds finish up on the surrounding holes.

Take advantage of all 36 of the Malone Golf Club holes as well as the 18 at nearby Highland Greens Golf Course. Stay overnight at one of our lodging properties to play for a few days in a row. Book your Stay and Play Golf and Lodging package as well. Coming from Canada? Use your Canadian cash at par to book these packages. Best of luck to you!

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