That feeling of Serendipity

That Feeling of Serendipity

There are some things in life that just cause the most relaxing feelings. We think laying down and having our head rest gently on the pillow of one of our favorite lodging locations is one of those things. Perhaps you look forward to grabbing that first cup of coffee in the morning or sitting in the relaxing spa tub before heading to bed after a full day of enjoying our many attractions.

If you're looking for luxury relaxation, then we think you have to make time to spend part of your trip with us at the Serendipity Spa, Salon, and Boutique.

Be Pampered

The massage room had an immediate feeling of bliss the moment we first laid our eyes on it. This newly renovated, new location is gleaming with sparkling luxury around every corner. There is a quote on the wall in this room that reads, "Relax... it's your time." That feeling of relaxation is exactly what comes out of this experience. The massage is all about you and the customer service is superb. Enjoy a massage however it fits your needs.

The new pedicure station is set up for royal treatment. You get the sense of sitting on your very own personal throne while your feet have the chance to unwind from the walking that you did at the Malone Golf Club or the skiing you enjoyed at Titus Mountain.

Just about everywhere you settle in at this relaxing location, you will be illuminated by the glow of a sparkling chandelier. From the seating section where you relax and wait for the pampering to begin to the chair where they style your hair, this extra touch of light is sure to dazzle you with delight.

Comfort is key here at the Serendipity Salon and Day Spa. In every seat, there is a plush cushion to ensure that relaxation is the result of your time spent there. Donna and her staff have created what is a beautiful destination within our greater Malone destination. It is located right on Main Street in Malone. You can get your workout in at the local YMCA across the street and then head over and relax at the spa right after. We suggest trying a range from the multiple treatments offered; Book a manicure, get a pedicure, enjoy a massage, have your hair styled, make-up done, and so much more. But wait there's even more...


Since moving to their new location, Donna and the staff at the spa have been able to expand their boutique. There is now a certain portion of the salon that is set up for just clothing and it even has a separate entrance. Their styles range from cool summer dresses to comfortable stylish leggings and so much more. From what we could see, there is sure to be a fit for all styles and needs. Grab that stunning outfit after you are all set with your spa day and meet your crew for dinner at one of our beautiful wine and dine options here in Malone.

Stumble upon the Serendipity Salon and Day Spa during your trip to Malone. It is an experience that you will definitely remember. After all, the experience is why we travel to beautiful destinations like Malone. One recent visitor, Hope, said of her experience there, "Serendipity welcomes you with an elegant calming glow under twinkling chandeliers. Donna and her staff are warm, welcoming, and attentive. The experience was everything that a spa should be, relaxing and revitalizing."

We don't think that we could say it any better. Schedule your appointment as part of your itinerary or swing by during your next stay with us.

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