Kushaqua to Mud Pond Road Loop

Kushaqua to Mud Pond Road Loop


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Whether a driving destination or an epic cycling journey, this highly scenic road should not be missed. This is a wonderful opportunity to use that hybrid bike, or to walk a less rugged machine through the rough parts in this partially paved, seasonal road.

This trip offers some amazing views of streams, ponds, deep woods, scenic bridges, and small hiking trails along the shore. Wonderful photo opportunities can be found throughout. (Please heed warning signs for unsafe bridges and private property.)

The trip there has lovely parts, too, especially if the Chasm Falls Loop is part of the journey. It's a lovely river route that includes the roaring falls at Chasm Falls and a hike to a waterfall in the Titusville Mountain area.

The entire loop can be more than 60 miles.

There is room for extension at the end of Kushaqua-Mud Pond Road that includes the highly scenic Route 60, also known as the Gabriels-Onchiota Road. Explore the wilderness camping and hiking trails along Jones Pond. In summer, don't miss the Six Nations Indian Museum.

Take Duane Road south from Malone, which turns into Route 27, connected by Webber Road. Continue south on 27, where it turns into Wolf Pond Road. A short distance through Look Lake Landing is the north end of Kushaqua-Mud Pond Road, which proceeds south to Onchiota. For the return there are a number of alternate routes, as seen on our map.

Scenic Drives

There are services in Malone, Mountain View, and Chasm Falls. Don't miss dining at the Trailside Bar & Restaurant.

Trail Running

This is a gorgeous seasonal road which can vary from a maintained paved road to a warm-season-only gravel and dirt surface.

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