Lake Kushaqua

Fishing Holes


This remote lake has a good reputation for the many species and the relative lack of attention it gets. Shhhhh...

Over 300 acres with twisty shorelines.

Access: via Buck Pond Campground Off Route 30, 12 miles east of the Hamlet of Paul Smiths. Hard surface ramp. Parking for 20 cars and trailers.

Fishing species include lake trout, large- and small-mouth bass, brown bullhead, Kokanee salmon, yellow perch, pumpkinseed, and rainbow smelt.

Ice Fishing

This is one of the few places to go after the tricky walleye. Also rock bass and lake trout allowed, making Lake Kushaqua's remote location well worth seeking out.

Access: Circled by Kushaqua-Mud Pond Road, which is a seasonal road that is not plowed. Walk in or snowmobile to the lake.


The 377-acre Kushaqua Lake long, narrow, and very scenic since shoreline and islands are Forest Preserve lands. Paddle through to Rainbow Lake and Buck Pond.

Take a whole day on the water by paddling to the Rainbow Lake Narrows, all the way to the far end of Rainbow Lake, and take detours up the North Branch of the Saranac River and the Flow waterway.

Take care as motorboats are allowed.

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