Bombay & Brasher State Forests

1 to 2 Hours

Bombay & Brasher State Forests

The Bombay & Brasher State Forests offer a reforestation area of 22,242 acres. Trails are marked and used for hiking, cross country skiing, horseback riding, or snowmobiling. Over 4,500 acres of this forest are wetlands which provide a habitat for birds, fish, amphibians, and protected plants.

Featured activities

This state forest is used for several activities including hiking, camping, fishing, hunting and trapping, and birding. Those interested in hiking will find more than 60 miles of hike-able and walk-able trails and old forest roads.

There are 25 campsites scattered throughout the property providing a very primitive camping experience. The campsites are located around the man-made pond in the Walter Pratt Memorial Park, south of the Town of Brasher.

Hunting in this forest during the appropriate seasons include deer, grouse, and other small game.


The state forest is accessible from County Routes 50, 53, and 55, and the Bush and Vice Roads in the town of Brasher, and Cold Springs Road in the town of Bombay.

Brasher Center Fishing access point is located between the St. Regis River and Route 53.



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