Elephant Head

1 to 2 Hours

The road is an easy walk, but that's only recommended if your car will not pass by the exposed rocks and small wet sections. The road is roughly 1.5 miles in length and slightly uphill. 

The foot trail starts from the back of the trailhead parking and passes by boulders blocking vehicular traffic. The trail leaves the old road on the right and starts an easy to moderate climb up to the ridge. A slight descent on the opposite side will bring you to your final climb, where there is an old wooden staircase that brings you to the top. There are excellent views out over Lake Titus and Titusville Mountain. A secondary view, slightly obstructed, gives you views of the Humbug Mountains. 

How do I get there?

Follow Route 30 south out of Malone and continue for about 10 miles to the trailhead on the left. The dirt access road is roughly 1.5 miles, but in rough condition. The foot trail is located at the end of the road.   

Mileage Round Trip

1.1 Miles

Summit Elevation

1,980 feet

Approximate Round Trip Time

Family with Young Children: 1 to 1.5 hours

Seasoned Hiker: 1 hour

Inexperienced Hiker: 1 hour

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