Pinnacle Mountain

2+ to 4 Hours

The Pinnacle is what could be considered a hidden gem. Even though it has a well-developed state trail and has been around for quite some time, it still gets missed. The trail starts out following an old forest road that is gated, and still gets frequent use by hunters and logging operations. The road is quite easy but does gain some elevation. There is a split in the road part way in, be sure to take the left and continue to climb to a small knoll. Atop this small knoll the trail becomes a foot-trail and not a road. The foot-trail continues to climb through a very attractive conifer forest, but never too steeply. The summit is a partially open viewing platform with outstanding scenery and nice cool breeze. 

How do I get there?

Leave Malone follow Route 30 south. Continue to the intersection of Route 30 and Route 458. Follow Route 458 North toward St. Regis Falls. Continue for just under 10-miles to the state trailhead on the right. 

Mileage Round Trip

4.9 Miles

Summit Elevation


Approximate Round Trip Time

Family with Young Children:     4 to 5 hours

Seasoned Hiker:             3 to 4 hours

Inexperienced Hiker:         4 to 5 hours

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