Winnebago and Skiff Pond from Meacham Lake

4+ to 8 Hours

Start along the trail toward Debar Mountain which also doubles as a snowmobile trail. Pass by the Debar Mountain Trail which will split off on the left. Continue straight as this hike remains very flat with little elevation change, even throughout the entire trip. Winnebago Pond is much closer to the trailhead but sets a little bit off the trail. Cross the outlet to the pond and there is a faint herd path that will take you to the shore for some excellent birding opportunities. 

Continue along the trail and make a right at the next intersection 4.6 miles from the trailhead. Skiff pond is about 0.5 miles up this trail. At Skiff Pond there is many areas for camping and birding. There is a unique metal staircase and walkway out over the edge of the pond.  

How do I get there?

Follow Route 30 south out of Malone and continue to the Campground Road for Meacham Lake on the left. Follow this road to the entrance to the campground on the left. There will be a small day-use fee. Once in the campground follow the roads to the trailhead for Debar Mountain which is located on the back left side of the campground down a narrow dirt road.  

Mileage Round Trip

10.2 Miles

Pond Elevation


Approximate Round Trip Time

Family with Young Children:     8+ hours

Seasoned Hiker:             4 to 5 hours

Inexperienced Hiker:         5 to 6 hours

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