Deer River Flow


Fishing Holes

Flatwater Paddles

Ice Fishing

The Deer River and Flow are both excellent spots for birding, paddling, fishing, and relaxing. Check out the wetlands in the spring and late summer for some outstanding wildflowers. 


How to Get There

From the intersection of Route 30, County Route 14, and County Route 26 south of Malone follow Route 30 South. Continue to Cold Brook Road on the right and park here at the state access site. 


Heading south will bring you into the river where it is very narrow and at times not easy to navigate. Head north to reach the flow. A narrow channel through the grassy river will bring you to the more open water.

Type of Launch

Roadside, dirt and gravel

Type of Carry

Less than 100 feet

Type of Water

The flow is well sheltered and calm under most conditions. No large motor boats will be on the water but it is not out of the ordinary to see a small outboard motor.


Extensive wetlands host blue herons and many kinds of ducks. There are mountain views and a paddling connection to small Horseshoe Pond for a different experience. Look for beaver lodges.


This 408-acre reservoir is only 13 miles from Malone and is stocked with brown trout. Once on the river, head north to reach the flow.

Also the home of rock bass, northern pike, largemouth and smallmouth bass, yellow perch and panfish. There might be, in some areas, wild brook trout.

Take Route 30 south of Malone until Cold Brook Road on the right. Parking at the state access site. The Clark's Landing Hand Launch is at roadside, with a carry of less than one hundred feet.

Small outboards allowed. Water is well-sheltered and calm.

The northwest corner is the outlet for Cove Brook, a small stream that tapers off into wild land.

Ice Fishing

This large waterbody is shallow, so it freezes early, but it is a river with a current so take all precautions. Most of it is within the Debar Mountain Wild Forest. Deeper areas have fine pike.

Access: Leave Malone on Route 30 south. Parking and the DEC launch site are at the southern end of the lake on Route 30 in Duane.

Species: Northern pike, yellow perch, pumpkinseed.

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