Deer River Flow

Flatwater Paddles

How to Get There

From the intersection of Route 30, County Route 14, and County Route 26 south of Malone follow Route 30 South. Continue to Cold Brook Road on the right and park here at the state access site. 


Heading south will bring you into the river where it is very narrow and at times not easy to navigate. Head north to reach the flow. A narrow channel through the grassy river will bring you to the more open water. The Deer River and flow are both excellent spots for birding, and relaxing. Check out the wetlands in the spring and late summer for some outstanding wildflowers. 

Type of Launch

Roadside, dirt and gravel

Type of Carry

Less than 100 feet

Type of Water

The flow is well sheltered and calm under most conditions. No large motor boats will be on the water but it is not out of the ordinary to see a small outboard motor.    

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