St. Regis River from Blue Mountain Road

Flatwater Paddles

How to Get There

Follow Route 30 south out of Malone and turn right on Route 458 to follow it west toward Santa Clara. Continue for about 10 miles and turn on Dexter Road. Follow that to its end and turn right on Blue Mountain Road to follow it south. Blue Mountain Road can be very rough so take your time. Continue down Blue Mountain Road for about 10.5 miles to a gated road on the right. There is an empty DEC sign post located here.


The carry is the hardest part of the trip, but even that isn't too hard. The trail to the river can be used as a put-in or take-out depending on your trip. The trail is wide and easy to use with a cart.

The river can be paddled up or downstream from this location. The best accompanying launch area is a bit further north along Blue Mountain Road and is roadside.

Type of Launch

Sandy beach

Type of Carry

0.8 mile, easy and mostly flat, wide and perfect for a cart.

Type of Water

As with any river or stream paddle it is important to know the contours of the stream. There may very well be rapids that you are not prepared to handle. The St. Regis River does have periodic rapids, but near this launch it is flat and most of the up and down stream sections are calm with deep oxbows. Carry trails do exist around the rapids downstream.

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