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With 50 trails spread across three mountains, there is a lot to love about Titus Mountain! To learn more, we asked four of our bloggers to give us an insider's perspective on why it's their top pick when the urge to carve some turns hits. Here's what they had to say.

Glenn: Hooked on Titus from the start

1) Who do you go with and what's your ability level?

I'm a green dot and an occasional blue-square skier, and Titus has been my go-to mountain since I started skiing 5 years ago. Over the holidays my friends Dave, Jaime, and I headed to the mountain. Dave is an advanced skier, but Jaime has only skied a handful of times.


2) What made you choose Titus?

Titus is fun! I cut my teeth on this mountain and it's still my first choice. It was the perfect mountain for the three of us, with three different ability levels, to be able to ski together and have a good time. Nearly every lift offers a green, blue, and black option from the top. So everyone can go up together, ski down their preferred trails, and meet back at the bottom.


3) Something(s) that stands out about the mountain:

The snow. Titus consistently has some of the best man-made snow I've seen in northern New York, and it also seems to get more natural snow than other mountains. When we went the other week we hit a blizzard, which made for the best powder day I've ever had. I also love the main lodge. It's always a good time and a great place to kick back for some food and a beer. They've got a full bar and a great menu.


4) Would you recommend Titus, and who would like it?

Titus is a great mountain. It has a lot of easier trails, which is what I'm looking for, but there are also quite a few black diamonds that I haven't gotten up the nerve to tackle just yet. They've also recently expanded their terrain park near the base.


5) Any insider tips?

Park in the upper parking lot, and you can ski from your car right onto the mountain and down to the main lifts.
There's a second lodge at the upper mountain. The upper lodge and upper mountain are almost always less crowded than the lower mountain.
Get there early! Titus tends not to fill up until later in the morning. So go at 9 a.m. for the first chair and get the best skiing or riding of the day!


6) What's your favorite trail?

Ridge Run to Pine Run, off of lift IV.

Ashley: The nighttime is the right time

1) Who were you with and what's your ability level?

I'm an intermediate skier who recently skied Titus with my sister, boyfriend, and friends.

2) What made you choose Titus?

The first time I skied Titus Mountain was a few years ago to experience their night skiing. From the very first trail I was hooked! Titus is by far my favorite mountain to downhill ski. I love the option of choosing between three mountains and 50 trails. The bonus is the lift lines are so short! It feels like a breeze getting to ski back down the mountain in minutes.  

3) Something(s) that stands out about the mountain:

What stands out the most is the atmosphere. Everyone is always having a great time, and there are skiiers and snowboarders of all different ages. 

Also, every time I go to Titus, from start to finish, the service is exceptional. I brought along my sister and friends, who had to rent skis and purchase lift passes. The staff at Titus is so friendly and the service is really quick. After a few hours on the mountain, I love coming into their renovated lodge. Their indoor fireplace makes the lodge feel so cozy. I enjoy drinking some hot chocolate and eating at Mo's Moon Valley Grill.

4) Would you recommend Titus, and who would like it?

Yes, I would highly recommend skiing at Titus Mountain to anyone who is up for having a great time! There's no place else I'd rather be in the winter than on their slopes.

5) Any insider tips?

Titus offers tons of fun events with live music every weekend and many events during the season such as their Annual NYE 1st Tracks Bash. There is always something going on! I look forward to exploring more of what Titus has to offer in the weekends to come as there is no place I'd rather be in the winter than on their slopes.

6) What's your favorite trail?
It always seems that when I go I find my new favorite trail to ski on. This time I liked Bridge Run.

Sarah: The range is all the rage

1) Who were you with and what's your ability level?

I went with my boyfriend, Zack. My ability level is beginner, and he is an experienced snowboarder.

2) What made you choose Titus?

I'm no Lindsey Vonn, and as a novice skier I enjoy being able to take my time. It was the first time in at least 7 years that I put on a pair of ski boots, and I had a feeling of triumph as I made a first step (albeit an awkward step in those unforgivingly structured things) in becoming more active in the winter. Titus Mountain was a great place to get my ski legs back under me. Surprisingly, the first run went off without a hitch. It was relaxing and the conditions were great, especially with the recent snowfall and the mountain's ongoing snowmaking efforts. My confidence grew with each run, and there are enough beginner- and intermediate-level trails that I had time to practice my turns and focus on where I was going.

3) Something(s) that stands out about the mountain:

It's doable and easy for me! The mountain also offers night skiing and organizes different events throughout the winter, including live music. It's a great way to wind down the week -- hitting the slopes after work, grabbing a beer, and listening to some music. 

Titus offers a great lodge where you can enjoy a beer after your hard-earned turns on the slope. There is a bar with TVs, a fireplace, and even a kids corner.

4) Would you recommend Titus, and who would like it?

Yes. I'd recommend it to anyone who likes skiing or snowboarding. Even Zack liked it, and he's an experienced snowboarder, whereas I'm a leisure skier. No matter what you're looking for, you'll find it here.

5) Any insider tips?

We didn't wait in line at all, and we went on a Saturday. If you're looking to get on and off lifts quickly, go to Titus.

6) What's your favorite trail?

Ridge Run

Michelle: A true family experience

1) Who do you go with and what's your ability level?

My hubby, three kids (ages 6, 7, and 14), and whoever else wants to tag along in "baggage" -- as in stuffed in the third row with lots of boot bags.

At one time, back in the day, I would have said I was an advanced skier. These days, however, I consider myself "the sweeper." I tag behind the kids, making sure we all get from the top to the base without losing anyone, all while picking up or pulling along those we may have lost on the trail. Depending on the day, it can be as good of an upper body workout as a lower body workout. And, while at times I just want to take off and feel the rush of hitting the speeds I once enjoyed, seeing the smiles on all those little faces makes me realize I wouldn't trade these days together on the mountain for anything in the world.

2) What made you choose Titus?

Choosing Titus was an easy decision, primarily for two factors: atmosphere and value. Titus Mountain Family Ski Center truly embraces the family part of their name. Everyone from the lift attendants, ski shop crew, wait staff, to the owners and executive staff are helpful, welcoming, and they ultimately make you feel like you belong in their small-town mountain community. Factor that in with the low prices and three mountains of terrain to spread out on, and it is definitely one of the best values you'll find for skiing or riding. We've chosen to take advantage of their family season pass, which has already paid for itself -- and it's only January!

3) Something(s) that stands out about the mountain:

Hmmm... that's a tough one because there are so many things. I love the little village feel at the base lodge and the smell of the fire on the patio. I love that the IBC Ski Shop has a great selection and awesome prices to help you out on those days you can't find that missing mitten. But as I think about it, it's the Moon Valley Maple that stands out the most. I'm kind of a dork, but I love teaching the kids about maple syrup as we ride the chairlift and see the sap pipeline system. And you have to try the Moon Valley Maple Chipotle BBQ Sauce!


4) Would you recommend Titus, and who would like it?

I'd definitely say families will take to this mountain, because in addition to the atmosphere and value, Titus offers great, varying terrain and uncrowded trails. I hate feeling like an ant when I'm skiing -- especially with little ones. With three peaks, Titus offer you the chance to get away from the crowds and spend your time skiing rather than waiting in lines -- or even worse, dodging people.


5) Any insider tips? 

Night skiing. There's something special about night skiing that brings out the kid in you. I can't describe it, you just need to experience it.

6) What's your favorite trail?

Powder days: Big Al's, or anything on the Upper Mountain, and Three Trees on Middle Mountain.

Early morning corduroy: Middle Mountain, Maple Run, and Verns View.

Night skiing: Chair I in Moon Valley.

Bonus Tips:

If you're a newbie skier and want a bit more in-depth info on how your day might unfold, check out this recent blog from a first-timer.

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Slide down, and let the rope tow you back to the top -- now, that sounds like riding in style!

Sit back, relax, and let the tow do all the work!

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