Spitfire Lake

Fishing Holes

Flatwater Paddles

Ice Fishing

The smallest waterbody on the St. Regis River chain. It freezes first.

Ice Fishing

Access: Private, reached by permission of landowners.

Species: Yellow perch, pumpkinseed, northern pike.

Statewide fishing regulations apply.


This is the "little" one of the St. Regis River chain, which includes Upper and Lower Saint Regis Lakes. That still leaves two hundred and sixty acres to explore. Average depth of 16 feet with a maximum of 31 feet. 

Look for largemouth and smallmouth bass, northern pike, yellow perch, brown bullhead, pumpkinseed, and rainbow smelt.Access: Private, reached by permission via Paul Smiths College. Alternately, paddle in from Upper St Regis Lake Boat Launch or the Keese Mills Road outlet dam.


The lowdown

The paddle from Upper St. Regis Lake to Spitfire Lake offers the classic history buff the opportunity to see more Great Camps than anywhere else in the Adirondacks. While taking in the views it is very important to keep your distance and show respect for the private landowners. You will have the opportunity to observe common loons, Canadian geese, mergansers, seagulls and other birds. During the peak of summer, you can see the Idem sailing or docked at the various camps. The Idem is a 32-foot gaff-rigged racing sloop designed by Clinton Crane in 1899 for sailing specifically on Upper St. Regis Lake. Rabbit Island on Spitfire Lake is famous for Dr. Trudeau’s experiment he conducted with rabbits, which he inoculated with the tuberculosis bacteria. His research proved to be a landmark in the treatment of tuberculosis. Be sure to take in the view of St. Regis Mountain and the fire tower at the summit.

Fact check

    Total distance: @3.5 miles round trip
    Length of time: 3+ hours
    No portage
    Flat water
    Round trip
    Motorboat access is available at Upper St. Regis Landing


    Public parking is available at designated area on St. Regis Carry Road
    Put in/take out at Upper St. Regis Lake access, to the right of the landing

The paddle

Put-in at the Upper St. Regis access beach (far right of the boat landing) and paddle north across Upper St. Regis Lake. Pass Birch Island on the right or left. The old Japanese style tea house once owned by Frederick Vanderbilt can be seen on the point of the right shore before you reach Penfield Bay. Pass into Spitfire Lake and almost immediately look for Rabbit Island, which has a plaque indicating the historical significance.
Paddle on into Spitfire Lake to see other Great Camps before returning back to the take out.

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